Thoughts on Sports

Some thoughts since I have been back from vacation.  By the way, Thailand and Japan were great.

Manny Pacquiao is amazing, a true living sports legend.

– Am I the only one who really didn’t care about the Bulls-Celtics series?  Yes it was a good series, but was it the best of all time?  Anybody remember a series that actually mattered, say the 2002 Western Conference Finals which showcased a game 7 overtime between the Lakers and Kings?  A first round series in the 2009 Eastern Conference the greatest playoff series ever? No way.

Andrew Bynum just got back from his injury, let’s not get on him too much just yet.  If he continues to stink it up against Houston, which he won’t, then we have some cause for concern.  Look for Bynum to tire out Yao Ming and be a factor in the series.

A-Rod is a joke, just like MLB.

– I want to see Fedor Emelianenko destroy Brock Lesnar and go on to never lose in the UFC.  Get a deal done Dana White!

123 days until my Fresno State Bulldogs kick-off, and 132 days until the Chargers kick-off.

– Not a sports topic, but coming back to work after vacation really sucks.  It’s a good thing I am off to the Philippines in about 25 days!


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