Slammin’ Sasha


2 responses to “Slammin’ Sasha

  1. Okay, I’m not as devoted as you. I have no problem recording and watching it not live if my time zone doesn’t work.

    Now if it was the NBA Championships, I would make an exception which I did once in France while on a business trip. Several of us Lakers Fans rented a bar in Cannes at 3 AM and celebrated the Lakers beating AI’s 76ers.

    And we wonder why our wives think we are just little boys when it comes to the Lakers.

    See you on the blog,


  2. Thanks for stopping by Fatty. That must have been quite the experience celebrating the Lakers in Cannes.

    I am lucky enough to have a wife that understands my passion for sports. She gets to buy handbags, I get to remain a kooky sports fan.

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