153 Days Until Kick-Off!!

I felt a nice little flutter in my heart today,  which was immediately followed by a small amount of anxiety.  What with North Korea launching missiles, family visiting from San Diego, and trying to pack for a mini-vacation to Thailand and Japan, I totally forgot that on April Fools’ Day, my beloved Fresno State Bulldogs released their 2009-2010 football schedule

Ah,  a new season, a clean slate – no blemishes, no heartache, no avoiding college football aftershows for the next week after a loss.  Oh sure, all of those feelings will rush back into my life later on this year, as the season takes hold of me in an unhealthy manner. But for now, the Bulldogs have a clean slate and the possibilities are endless.

Football fans are a bit loony, and I am no exception.  With a mental straitjacket secured around my brain,  I scan over the new schedule, over and over again. But I can’t help it–the flood of excited emotions busts the seams… Oh, the heavens are shining down on me at this moment! I have visions of a WAC title, major upsets, national recognition, high national rankings, and even a vacation to Hawaii to watch the Bulldogs play the Rainbow Warriors in October. 

We crazed football fans have all rationality and reality vaporized from our minds as we imagine what can potentially happen in the next 12 games.  With a smirk on our overly-eager faces, we start to recall every single great moment from the past season.  We can recall all of the crucial first downs our team converted, those key turnovers they caused, and every second of a fourth-quarter comeback.  Then, suddenly, our hearts start to beat a little faster, and a knot forms in the back of our throats, as we begin to remember what could have been during that same season: What if the other team didn’t run that kickback?!  Why didn’t the quarterback just throw the ball out of bounds?!  How is it possible to give up three touchdowns in a fourth quarter?!  If only ‘we’ could’ve held that runningback to under 300 yards, ‘we’ wouldn’t have dropped out of the top 25… 

153 days will not pass quickly enough.  Oh the insanity.


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