NBA Rankings

I was going to create a list of the top ten teams going into the NBA playoffs.  Yes, teams are not finished playing the regular season, but by now, teams are what they are.  Throw out statistics, records, and especially throw out ESPN’s Hollinger rankings.  My rankings are simple.  If the ten best teams played each other, in a seven game series playoff format, who would finish first, second, and so on.  However, upon making a list, I decided it was useless.

Only four teams are going to have a shot at the title.  So why make a list of the ten best?  Either the Lakers, Cavs, Celtics,  or Spurs will be the next NBA champion.  I don’t care what any ex-NBA player on ESPN or ABC tries to tell you.  They can sell  their crazy somewhere else.

Utah and New Orleans suffered through too many injuries this year to get by the Lakers or Spurs come playoff time.  The Magic have had a great year, but without Jameer Nelson, they can’t get past Boston or Cleveland. Other threat’s that will be talked about in the West are Houston and Denver, but there is no way are they going to be playing in the Western Conference Finals.

It comes down to the Lakers, Cavs, Celtics and Spurs.  Honestly, it only comes down to the Lakers and Cavs or Celtics.  I really don’t see the Spurs getting past the Lakers, especially with the news that Bynum is due back before the end of the regular season.

So, here it is.  My top four list of NBA teams going into the playoffs:

1. Los Angeles Lakers

2. Boston Celtics

3. Cleveland Cavaliers

4. San Antonio Spurs


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