North Korea: Silos, Slaughter… and Soccer?

Does anybody else find it odd that, while North Korea is in the midst of an international missile/satellite crisis, their national soccer team is lacing up for two different matches in the next few days?  Today, they play the United Arab Emirates in a World Cup qualifying match.  The game is held in North Korea, so good luck with that, UAE.  Four days from now, on April Fool’s Day, they play their brethren to the south, which will kick off in Seoul.

It’s interesting that the world’s most secluded country can find the time to field a decent soccer team in the middle of committing atrocious human rights violations, allowing hundreds of thousands of children to starve to death, and of course attempting to test a long range missile to violate previous United Nations sanctions.  If you have the time, please check out the links attached to this post to learn more.


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