NCAA Tournament

It’s here.  The one time I watch NCAA basketball all year.  This tournament is something everybody can get into.  There are so many great storylines.  There are traditional powerhouses like Duke and UNC who polarize the sports world.  Then there are schools like George Mason or Nevada which epitomize the underdog role.  The tournament is filled with buzzer-beaters, crazed fans, gambling, gloating, lost office productivity, all culminating into tears of happiness and sadness.  It’s great, and it’s here.

I have not found a way to post my bracket into this blog, so here are my final four picks to the championship game.

Final Four:

West Virgina v. Memphis

Pitt v. UNC

Championship Game:

West Virginia v. UNC

Champion: UNC

I know, what a stretch.  If you think you can do better, post in the comments section your Final Four and eventual champion.

7 hours until a 1:20 AM Korean Standard Time tip-off!


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