America’s Past Time?

The World Baseball Classic has caught on in America about as well as the MLS, or Korean pop sensation, Rain.  This just goes to show how far baseball has faded behind football as America’s sport.  Team USA was trounced by Puerto Rico yesterday, and now faces elimination against the Netherlands tonight.  They were not just beat, but they actually had the mercy rule applied to them, getting embarrased 1-11.  It would have been nice to see USA baseball take the torch from USA basketball, and again claim the title as world’s greatest baseball country.  Unlike the Olympics, this baseball team is filled with multi-million dollar All Stars, World Series MVPs, and future Hall of Famers.  No excuses, right?  THEY WERE MERCY RULED!! Oh well, the NFL draft is next month.

However, in a 162 game season, there is no doubt that Team USA baseball would come out on top.  Guaranteed.

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