Dwyane Wade, according to many NBA broadcasters and idiots at ESPN, is now a front-runner for MVP in the NBA.  I like D-Wade.  During the Olympics this past summer, I really came to love his game.  Actually, during the Olympics, I came to respect everyone on Team USA (except Carmelo Anthony, he has no class).  As a sports fan, this is a big step for me.  When it comes to the NBA, all I see is purple and gold.  Any mention of another player in the same sentence as Kobe usually means go time.  However, I think gaining respect for guys like D-Wade, LeBron, Dwight Howard, and Deron Williams this past summer has helped me mature as a sports fan.

With that being said, it will be a true tragedy if D-Wade gets the MVP over Kobe or LeBron.  I had a lot of stats and links to back up my view that D-Wade is having a year like Kobe did during the 2005-2006 season.  In that season, Kobe had a HORRIBLE supporting cast, averaged 35 points, dropped 81 on Toronto, and gave a talented Suns team all they could handle in the playoffs.  Steve Nash won the MVP that year.  I guess I should listen to one of my best friends, Arnell, when he tells me that this award became a joke after Steve Nash won the award, TWICE.  The Canadian’s former teammate, Dirk Nowitzki, won it the next year before being b-slapped out of the playoffs in the first round, as a one seed.  Arnell is probably right.

I had a lot of good points to support my dismay in the D-Wade MVP talk, but came across this article.  The guy pretty much says everything I was going to write, but says it better than I could have.  I think the award will probably go to whoever finishes with the best record in the NBA, which means either Kobe goes back to back, or LeBron finally earns something to merit his nickname (which I absolutely refuse to type or say).  In the past few years, finishing first in a conference has been the criteria voters used to select the MVP.  This is a criteria that might backfire on the media.

Kobe has been the dominant player and the MVP of the league for many years now.  Yet, somehow, Nash and Nowitzki won the award over him.  I have nothing against Canadians or Germans, but in the NBA’s quest for a global market, this seemed kind of fishy.  During this time, the MVP voters came up with a new criteria for the ever changing formula to crown the MVP.  They decided whichever team finishes atop the West, that team’s best player will win the MVP.  So, after Kobe gets jobbed out of the MVP for years, last year he has a season in which the Lakers are again an elite team in the Western Conference.  It came down to either Chris Paul, who had an amazing year, or the Mamba.  Arnell and I were actually at the game when the Lakers trounced the Hornets to cement not only the one seed in the West, but Kobe’s MVP.  The media was finally forced to vote for Kobe as the league MVP.

This year, D-Wade has the Heat in the 5th seed – in the EAST, and is in the MVP talk?  Come on now.


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