Western Conference Finals

The Lakers win this series in 5 games.  Why?  Because the Lakers are  the better team, have better players, a better coach, and they can play on the road.


Homer Post of the Week

Cleveland is cruising through the Eastern Conference playoffs, 6-0 to this point, and have been quite impressive in their victories.  In fact, all of their victories have been by double digits.  Have they taken over the favorite spot to win the title this year?  Hopefully, you can see the screen again after wiping away the tears of laughter from such an idea.  Yes, Cleveland finished the regular season with an NBA best 66-16 record. Yes, they are undefeated so far in the playoffs.  Yes, LeBron James just put his first MVP trophy on his mantle.  And finally, yes, they are beating up on teams that would not have made it into the playoffs if they were in the Western Conference.

I know, I know, they can only play the teams on their playoff schedule.  But look at who they have beaten.  A Detroit (39-43 regular season) team that is  a shell of its old self, torn apart by a trade that sent its Finals MVP to Denver.  Now they are playing Atlanta, a team that finished 4th in the East with a record of 47-35.  Atlanta would not have made the playoffs in the West with that record.  The West’s 4th seed record was Portland at 54-28.

Cleveland won’t face an actual challenge in these playoffs until they meet up with Orlando or Boston.  I expect to see LeBron and Co.  in the Finals against the Lakers.  The Lakers are going to be very battle tested by that time, so don’t be surprised to see the Lakers winning in 5.

Thoughts on Sports

Some thoughts since I have been back from vacation.  By the way, Thailand and Japan were great.

Manny Pacquiao is amazing, a true living sports legend.

– Am I the only one who really didn’t care about the Bulls-Celtics series?  Yes it was a good series, but was it the best of all time?  Anybody remember a series that actually mattered, say the 2002 Western Conference Finals which showcased a game 7 overtime between the Lakers and Kings?  A first round series in the 2009 Eastern Conference the greatest playoff series ever? No way.

Andrew Bynum just got back from his injury, let’s not get on him too much just yet.  If he continues to stink it up against Houston, which he won’t, then we have some cause for concern.  Look for Bynum to tire out Yao Ming and be a factor in the series.

A-Rod is a joke, just like MLB.

– I want to see Fedor Emelianenko destroy Brock Lesnar and go on to never lose in the UFC.  Get a deal done Dana White!

123 days until my Fresno State Bulldogs kick-off, and 132 days until the Chargers kick-off.

– Not a sports topic, but coming back to work after vacation really sucks.  It’s a good thing I am off to the Philippines in about 25 days!

Sports Hiatus

I am going on vacation for the next week, so no new posts until the NBA playoffs start.  Off to Thailand and Japan!

Bynum’s Back = NBA Championship

Andrew Bynum is not only back, but he is starting, and in 21 minutes he looked great.  Sure he looked tired running back on defense, but once he is back into game shape, the Lakers will not be stopped.

The Lakers looked really, really good tonight.  In fact, at times, they looked great beating down the Nuggets 116-102.  Pau and Kobe looked amazing, and the bench was very efficient.  Kobe, Pau, and Bynum combined for 78 points.  Keep in mind, this was against a team on an eight game winning streak, the second seed in the West, and a team that many of the talking heads at ESPN have fallen in love with in the past few weeks.

In other words, the Lakers are going to win the championship this year, if the team we saw today is the same team that takes the floor in June.  I do think the Lakers can win it all this year without Bynum, but it would be A LOT more difficult.  The Lakers look so big and athletic on defense, and their offense will never be shut down for four out of seven games in a playoff series.

The Lakers have looked a bit sluggish at times during the past month, but hey, they just won their 63rd game of the season.  I think they have been a bit bored with the regular season.  Tonight though, they showed that when they are facing an elite opponent, they can lock down and look pretty much invincible.  They are 2-0 against the Cavs, 2-0 against the Celtics, 4-0 against the Rockets, 3-1 against the Hornets, 3-1 against the Nuggets, and 2-1 against the Spurs (including that last second foul by D-Fish to give the Spurs that one victory, 112-111).  The Lakers are 0-2 against the Magic, however, I don’t think that 1) the Magic can get out of the East, and 2) the Lakers would have home court and way more experience should the Magic and Lakers meet in the Finals.  In conclusion, the Lakers, barring anymore injuries, are bringing Los Angeles another championship.

Slammin’ Sasha

A Little Persepective on Jordan Farmar

Yes, Jordan Farmar has been struggling as of late, along with the rest of the bench mob.  Even though they demolished those pesky Sacramento Kings, all Lakers fans want to see more consistency from the bench.  However, if there is one thing consistent on the bench, it is the always giving nature of Jordan Farmar.  Check out the video below.